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Alison Redford QC - 14th Premier of Alberta, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General - Canada

Alison Redford QC

14th Premier of Alberta, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Alison Redford serves as a Policy Advisor on Gas Sector Reform in Guyana, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Sudan, for the World Bank and Global Affairs Canada as they develop new approaches to upstream oil and gas regulation to promote investor confidence.   Premier of Alberta from 2011 to 2014 and as Minister of Justice and Attorney General from 2008. Introduced an integrated regulatory structure – the Alberta Energy Regulator, that included environmental regulation, resource conservation, economic development and first nations consultation in all upstream energy projects in Alberta. Renegotiated Suncorp Oilsands Contribution Agreements for Alberta in 2013.

Established the Canadian Energy Strategy, (adopted by First Ministers in 2015). Concluded the first comprehensive First Nations funding settlement  in Canada with the Metis Nation of Alberta and created the Sustainable Energy Endowment at the Inter-American Development Bank 2012. Established the Canadian Oilsands Initiative (COSIA), a negotiated partnership of shared intellectual property between private sector oil and gas operators and government, implementing innovative clean energy strategies through research and deployment of clean energy technologies.

The importance of regulation to investor confidence, competitiveness and a managed approach to environmental sustainability is key to how energy regulation on major projects can be managed and Alison is a leader in developing dialogue based on negotiating commercial relationships around energy, infrastructure and the environment.

A strong proponent for integrated policy planning and stakeholder development to ensure long term economic success in energy producing countries.  An active voice on institutional and public sector reform based on inclusive policy development by establishing partnerships on commercial terms between government, industry and civil society in the areas of environment, commercial certainty for oil and gas investors and energy development. She has worked on bilateral and multilateral projects related to constitutional reform, energy sector regulation, judicial training, local government infrastructure planning and community development.

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